After 40 years of history, Urano World has been created with the aim of bringing together, under the same name, different companies belonging to Papiro Company, which have evolved and are part of the same ecosystem. With Urano World, we want to simplify communication with our clients and strengthen the relationship with a single global interlocutor operating in Spain, Latin America and the U.S.

Joaquín Sabaté Pérez (CEO)

Urano World Teams

Publishing Team

Under the name of Ediciones Urano and with a 40-year history, it is the division dedicated to publishing books in Spanish for readers of all ages and in different formats—printed, e-book, audio or video—in Spain, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Colombia, Mexico and the U.S. The editor-in-chief is Leonel Teti.

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E-services & B2B Team

Digital Booster, with over 12 years' experience in the sector, is the department that provides services to the various departments of Urano World and to external companies, both inside and outside the publishing industry. Its aim is to adopt the latest technology, always looking for innovation to offer technology and develop tailor-made projects. It is managed by Ricard Fideu.

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E-commerce & Retail Team

Created in 2009, Amabook is a platform that markets content in various formats: audiobooks, e-books, courses (Amalearning), podcasts, and, of course, printed books. It also has a subscription model that allows users to read and listen to as many stories as they like, as well as its own app that allows content to be consumed from anywhere. Amabook also offers the opportunity to interact with other readers online through forums, book clubs and live events such as Amabook Experiences. The international country manager for the team is Facundo Tedesco.

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Blockchain Team

Division that offers the first NFT marketplace of Spanish origin, specialised and dedicated to the publishing industry. Amaworld is a space designed to buy, sell, auction, and exchange unique and exclusive NFTs such as e-books, illustrations, audiobooks, videos, and any other digital content you can imagine. It also has its own token, Amatoken, which can be used in Amaworld and related environments such as the Amabook content platform. The CEO of the team is Joaquín Sabaté.

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E-learning Team

Urano Learning is entering the field of online education and training. This division will explore the exciting possibilities offered by Artificial Intelligence (AI-driven content) in the creation of innovative and personalised content, as well as the materialisation of new business models. Sergio Bulat is the team manager.

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Urano World around the world

We have an extensive network of offices in eight countries. We are present in Latin America, North America and Europe. This allows us to work with a global and transversal approach, with a strong strategy in each of the sectors in which we operate. We face the realities of each market and seek creative and effective solutions to establish ourselves and become a benchmark company.

International offices


Offices in Buenos Aires

Paracas 59
C1275AFA, Buenos Aires.
Tel. +54 11 5219 0329


Offices in Bogotá

Calle 163 A No. 20-65
40, Bogotá.
Tel. +57 60 1355 7642


Offices in Lima

Av. Javier Prado Este 488 piso 9
15046 San Isidro, Lima
Tel. +51 16 419 418


Offices in Ciudad de México

Insurgentes Sur #1722 3er Piso
Col. Florida
CP 01030, Ciudad de México
Tel. +52 55 5661 0774


Offices in Montevideo

Avda. San Martín 2123.
1200 – Montevideo.
Tel. +598 0004054007

United States

Offices in Maine

1178 Brunswick Avenue - Gardiner
ME 04345. USA
Tel. +1 (786) 3503791


Offices in Santiago de Chile

Padre Mariano 391 of. 806
7500015 Providencia, Santiago.
Tel. +56 22 3417232


Offices in Barcelona & Madrid

Aribau, 142 principal
08036 Barcelona.
Pl. Reyes Magos, 8, 1ºC
28007 Madrid.
Tel. +93 237 55 64


Press release

Urano World is born

May 2023

After 40 years and looking to the future, Ediciones Urano changes its name to Urano World.

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Press release

Ediciones Urano celebrates its 40th anniversary

May 2023

Ediciones Urano is celebrating: this year, 2023, the group will be celebrating its 40th anniversary. Founded in Barcelona in 1983, with more than ...

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